Overview of hot yoga exercise
Hot yoga is also known as "hot yoga", is a master of yoga in India Bikram (Bikram Choudhury) and his wife founded. Fit at around 38 degrees at room temperature and strict ventilation system, the completion of 26 fixed within 60 minutes of yoga posture.
Hot yoga is especially suitable for the first walked into the yoga room person.21 day fix recipes Because the high temperature Yoga thing is 38 DEG C to 40 C in the closed room for training, the body of the function in the excited state, accelerate blood circulation, the joint lubricating fluid secretion increased, the body itself can be in little warm-up cases quickly into the training motion state. Yoga training in this kind of environment, will reduce the chance of injury, eliminate the tension of the body.
As the hot yoga founder Bikram of hot yoga metaphor, a piece of steel is heated, with a hammer can change its shape easily, so the indoor temperature of 40 DEG C, can be soft due to the lack of movement and hardened muscles and bones. So even if is usually lack of movement of the body, but also can be easily performed different stretch, not easy injury.
Hot yoga was born in India, was founded by Indians in Hatha Yoga Bikram based on general, at room temperature for room 38 degrees Celsius to 42 degrees Celsius in the. In the local people's view, the practice of yoga in hot environment, is the health of the body. More than 10 years ago,21 day fix cardio Westerners use modern heating equipment, to reproduce the high temperature in India traditional yoga practice environment, so as to develop a new yoga -- hot yoga, also called high temperature yoga or thermal yoga.
As a branch of yoga, hot yoga first in America spread apart, the music "big sister" Madonna, NBA star Michael Jordan is its supporters. The last two years the hot yoga afferent China, emerging projects become Beijing, Shanghai and other large city training room.
"38 - 42 degrees Celsius" should be the most distinctive special hot yoga.
"Exercise in high temperature environment, on one hand is to restore the India local hot temperature, let Yoga effect natural from human outbreak, on the other hand, the body is not hot in case of yoga is very easy to be injured, especially in the cold season and for those who lack the flexibility of practitioners, high temperature seems to give a piece of steel is heated with a hammer,21 day fix package then it is easy to change its shape."

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